Schedule time for your Health and Wellness

11 Apr

One of the best first steps when you start a health and wellness program is to add yourself to your calendar. Once you set time for your work outs, meals and meal prep ! ( yes that too) You will be able to see that its doable. I like to get set for the week and then after week one, make the appointments that work, reoccuring. For example if 2pm on Sunday worked for meal planning, then every Sunday I get a reminder at 2pm to start meal planning. OR If I found that a 60 minute workout at 6 30am meant I could still get to work on time on Mondays and Wednesdays , I would keep working out on those days and times. OR If I found that a cardio workout on Monday and a Strength workout on Wednesday made me fell less sore and helped me rest, I would plan those for that day.

Here are a couple of more tips.

Keeping Yourself in Check: If you have a specific schedule to follow, you are more likely to stick to your goals by writing everything down in a journal or other recording device like a smartphone. But, if you do miss a scheduled workout, or have an extra snack, you can keep note of it and vow to do better the next time. 

Knowing What You Are Doing Each Day: Having what time you are supposed to be doing your workouts or eating your meals written down can keep you in the know ahead of time, and in this way you can schedule things around your workout times, rather than scheduling over them and just missing workouts altogether. This can be easy to do, and if you start doing this, it will eventually snowball into increased times where you are missing your workouts, until you are thrown off track completely.

Cheerfully yours,

Coach Phyllis