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  • REAL LIFE vs. Reality TV
    Launching an accountabilty group for people to support each other to meet there fitness goals.
  • nice to meet you
    Hello,  Its been a while since I had published an about me so for the new folks here we go! I am Phyllis Strand and I started to share my wellness journey on StrongByStrand 10 years ago when a health crisis woke me up to taking better care of myself.   Running became my passion and thru … Read more
  • Quick Mindfulness Exercise to Try
    reflection on your day thru a mindfulness practice exercise
  • Reset, Recharge, Release!
    I just returned from the Genius Breakway23 in Turks Caicos. What I will remember most is not the lovely scenery, the white sand beach and the clear blue waters, it will be the hours I spent in a conference room with the most amazing people sharing and learning from each other. The unbelievable experience will … Read more
  • Leaving this here for all of us that need this