Stress buster- Movement

10 Apr

If you have a deskbound job, you can just imagine how your body feels towards the end of each working day. Have you noticed that you have tight muscles, a painful back, and you feel totally worn out even though you really have not done anything remotely similar to a total workout? Your shoulders may be burning from tension and your head hurts from gazing at the computer screen for the longest time. 

Our bodies are designed for motion–not stay at one place and sit around the whole day. 

There will always be time for exercise. No matter how busy your schedule is, always make little time to do some exercise to keep your body in good shape so you can function better in your daily activities. Remember that you should take things slow at first and know the capabilities of your body. It is good if you feel soreness in your body but if body pains are intense, your body is signaling you to stop. Give these simple exercises a try and feel the difference of being 

Plank – I like to do this right after getting out of bed. You can do it next to your bed on the floor. Just lie flat on the floor, then push yourself up on your elbows hands flat on the floor. Hold that position for 30 sections. Gradually add time each day until your can hold it for two minutes. You can also advance to a high plank by straightening your arms and holding the position making sure to brace your core.

Push ups- Right after the plank, I do several push ups. Push ups on the knoees are fine as well. Start with five and work your way up to 20 and then start trying a standard push up – 5 at a time.

Squats- While you wait for the shower to heat up, start doing a few squats. Make sure you weight is in the heels and your knees track right over your toes. In an effort not to wast water, do 5 – 10. You can also do a set each time you visit the rest room.

Need other suggestions? Feel free to reach out. I have lots of ways to work exercise into your day without requiring a change of clothes or any equipment.

Cheerfully yours,

Coach Phyllis