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03 May


Its been a while since I had published an about me so for the new folks here we go!

I am Phyllis Strand and I started to share my wellness journey on StrongByStrand 10 years ago when a health crisis woke me up to taking better care of myself.  

Running became my passion and thru running I was able to re-ignite that sense of 
play and joy that I missed growing up as a child.  

I have completed over 15 half marathons, the New York City marathon and the Chicago Marathon. 

I became a certified personal trainer ten years ago and have continued to study and learn more about the human movement system and group fitness.  

My message is for anyone but primarily women, that it is never too late to feel great.  Strongbystrand is a platform for sharing programs to get started on a life that includes fitness and the accountablily of working with a coach that has been there!  
I love helping unlock that inner athlete and see you light up. 

I have working in the advertising and marketing events field for over twenty years and I have keep a finger on the pulse of culture.  This allows me to offer relevant content to my personal training clients on the latest fitness offerings. 

BrandbyStrand is the newest platform that is the extenstion of that career targeting health and wellness entrepreneur and companies get there message out in the marketplace.  I appauld authenticity and its my sincere desire to let everyone know all you have to offer ! 

Here is a photo representation of my journey so far!