Stress buster – Stretching

Stress buster – Stretching
07 Apr

Work and other non-exercise activities can cause tension. Tension can lead to pains in the muscles. Stretching helps relax your muscles, it aids in the prevention of muscle cramps. Yoga practitioners have used stretching as a meditation technique to help focus the mind. This helps you take your mind off other stressful things relieving you of anxiety and pressure. Post workout stretching will definitely help you improve your flexibility and reduce the chances of injury. 

Don’t stress about the type of stretch you do. These are some easy ones that you can do without breaking a sweat and you will feel relief.

  1. Take you arms up over your head and stand on your tip toes.
  2. Twist side to side
  3. Put on foot forward and lean forward- switch and do the other side
  4. Put your hands on your hips and lean slightly backwards. This feel wonderful

Fun fact. I do each of these everyday while I wait for the train on my commute to work. I can report that I do not get any stares and I see other people start to also move and stretch.. Its contagious

At my desk, I try to shrug my shoulders to release the tension in my neck every time I send an email.
I also SMILE alot. This is great way to stretch and release tension in your face.

There are wonderful sources for work stretches. Here is one that I highly recommend. Genius Breaks

Let me know what works for you.

Coach Phyllis