Office Stress buster- Bring Some Nature Into The Office 

Office Stress buster- Bring Some Nature Into The Office 
04 Apr

One way of reducing stress at work is by bringing in some mark of nature in the office. Seeing one single sign of life can change your mood and your perspective towards stressful things. Studies show that putting potted plants inside your office can help reduce the toxins in the air, lower down fatigue and decrease the occurrence of illnesses.  

plants will not only add color to the boring sight of your office, it can also help increase productivity as workers are less stressed and healthy. Plants can literally reduce toxins in the body caused by radiation from computers, mobile phones and other devices that emit radiation. More than that, here are some of the benefits of putting some plants into your office. 

1. It helps in equalizing detrimental effects of computers. 

2. It absorbs air pollutants which can result to a cleaner and unpolluted office. 

3. It eliminates bad odor. 

4. It gives out more oxygen for the body to function properly and the mind to think more clearly. 

5. It can promote good feeling and serene thoughts. 

Plants are a good first step. Connecting to nature even in this small way takes the office environment left of corporate and closer to a comfortable environment for both you and the plant to thrive!

Lastly, hydration is vital to you both, so remember to water the plant weekly and take in at least 8 glasses of water daily for yourself.

Cheerfully yours,

Coach Phyllis