Fitness checklist before you start a program

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06 Oct

When you are ready to start a fitness program think about how you can plan ahead so that you are successful.

Check out this link on why you should

  • don’t do too much at once; start slow, and build a foundation of fitness
  • Exercise for more than cosmetic appeal; your inner-body needs to be fit, too, especially as you age
  • plan ahead and stay in hotels that offer you fitness equipment
  • carry essential fitness tools with you as you travel
  • Eat healthy and properly so that you don’t “hit the wall” as you become fit
  • Keep a record of your successes through a journal or log
  • Exercise with friends or other people who share a common fitness interest with you and make new friends in the process
  • Manage your time effectively so you can incorporate a fitness program into your daily routine.

What will your rewards be for your efforts? Statistically, you’ll:

  • look better
    • feel better
    • have a higher quality of life

Let me know how i can help,

Coach Phyllis

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