Recovery post

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03 Oct
rest is important

Thanks for checking out this post. Thats the first step, you are resting while you are reading it.

Specifically, rest is essential for muscle growth. Exercise creates microscopic tears in your muscle tissue. But during rest, cells called fibroblasts repair it. This helps the tissue heal and grow, resulting in stronger muscles.

When you plan rest days into your program you can make sure you are getting the best results.

Rest is also important to keep your stress level down.

While exercise is a great way to alleviate stress overall, it tends to boost levels of the stress hormone cortisol in the short term. As Runners World Magazine points out, these levels tend to rebalance after strenuous activity ceases, but people who work out every day may sustain unnaturally elevated cortisol levels over extended periods of time. This means that regular rest days are not only good for your body, but they’re good for the mind as well.

R-E-S-T ing me thats what Fitness means to me…

Cheerfully yours,

Coach Phyllis