Reset, Recharge, Release!

Club Med
24 Apr

I just returned from the Genius Breakway23 in Turks Caicos. What I will remember most is not the lovely scenery, the white sand beach and the clear blue waters, it will be the hours I spent in a conference room with the most amazing people sharing and learning from each other. The unbelievable experience will lead to lots of new direction so watch this space for lots of change 🙂

I am going to finish my series of posts on balance with this one today. I have learned from my breakawy that taking the time away from the day to day is really valauble if you are seeking clarity. If you stay in the place you live, you have a hard time seeing anything else but the day to day. When you change the scenery you can really see POTENTIAL.

So replace your doom scrolling of the latest news and start vacation scrolling. Dare to dream and look at an amazing place to reset, recharge and release all that stress. I will share the next Genius Breakaway details soon and I hope to see you there!

Cheerfully yours,

Coach Phyllis

Club Med