Picking the right tool for the job

21 Apr

One of the biggest problems in following health and fitness programs arise when people don’t know what they should really do. This makes them try out things that they shouldn’t be doing, which actually proves ineffective for them. Not just that, but they also spend time and exert themselves in doing worthless things.

When you are looking at a health and fitness program for your needs, look for a specialized one that will provide you the benefits you are looking for. ( or talk to a fitness coach) This ensures that you get your results quickly and because you don’t overexert your entire body, you have better chances of keeping up with the program.

In fact, some people try prioritizing their fitness regimens. They see what they need to do first and focus their energies on that. When that aspect of their fitness has improved, they move on to another. Such focused attention works quite well, especially in today’s world when we are cramped for time and don’t want to spare the effort either.

That is why most of the gyms have a structured program for working out. If you are joining a gym after a long time of physical inactivity, you will find that they will instruct you to focus more on building your

stamina first. For that, you might be asked to work on the treadmill or an exercise bike a lot initially. Once you have built up your system’s capabilities, they will ask you to slowly start with resistance training. But, before that you might work out with a lot other things. You might be focusing on one particular aspect one fortnight and then move on to another area. This actually helps you – you are working out as per what your body needs. This is the model we use at NASM when we train clients.

Now, if you were to go all out at once, you would end up stressing your body to the max and this could be disastrous to your long-term planning. You might stretch your body so extensively that you will not be able to lift a finger. When that happens, people don’t stick to their fitness plans.

The mistake here isn’t of the program itself; it is of the way in which you approached it.

You have already made the hardest part of the workout out when you decided to start! so well done!

Now have fun!

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