Long run- elliptical style

Long run- elliptical style
06 Sep

imageFirst off I want to update you on the success of the donut holes for hole in the wall sale. We raised 400.00 ! There was a great team of people that made it happen and Linda was an amazing cheerleader at the end to make sure each bag was sold.
Thank you everyone !
Today is hot, humid and there are thunderstorms in the forecast. I am also finishing up rehabing ( is that a word) my ankle from Sunday,so my 16 miles were all on the elliptical.
I am a sweaty mess and my quads are screaming, but it’s ok.
Tomorrow the forecast is better and I feel better about taking the ankle on a test drive.
Next up, a facial. Do you get regular facials? I am a believer.

Have a great Saturday.



2 thoughts on “Long run- elliptical style

  1. Is it more important to run more or run well? Every long-distance event has a slew of recreational athletes out there who trained just to finish. They sludge through the event, shuffling their feet just so they can cross the finish line.

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