Are you SMART enough?

05 Apr

I have been doing alot of work over the last six weeks with goal setting and after a nice long brainstorm, it all came back to this question.. Are you SMART enough to do what you want?

I don’t mean in the terms of intelligence, I mean in terms of recognizing the five key factors to be successful in attaining a goal.

S- Specific- if you can’t state it in one sentence, its not specific enough

M- Measureable- if you can’t do able to see you gaining ground on the way to the goal, its not a good one.

A- Attainable- Can I physically achieve this goal, do I have the time and the willingness to get it done?

R- Realistic- Do I really want to do this? Don’t give yourself a goal to do something because I should

T- Timely- Time is a ticking so get it going. Only choose goals that are worth your valuable time.

Once I applied this to the many wacky ideas I have had over the last six weeks, I have narrowed it down to four new goals that I am super excited about.


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