Two loops down!

Two loops down!
08 Aug

Hey squad,

Today was another long run and there was definite progress for me. I returned to Central Park to take on those hills again.  I was able to hang on for the first loop pretty well. This is a big improvement from two weeks ago. Miles 7-12 were a challenge, I took on Harlem Hill and made it up for a second time but by the time I hit Cat hill, I had to walk a bit.

I run the park again on Aug 16, and my goal is to push it to 15 miles and feel comfortable until mile 10. The spinning classes really help, especially riding with lots of resistance and keep up my cadence.

After my run, I did a quick change ( thank you New York Road Runner HQ ) and we ran a couple of errands in the city.  I am usually not phased by the heat in the subway, but today standing on the platform really got to me. Dehydrated? I was much better after lunch. Chuck and I remembered that the last time I had covered 12 miles, we were in Paris. We ate lunch in a nice French Bistro and the omelette and the glass of wine, hit the spot.

A special shout out to my race Sherpa – Chuck . He met me at mile 10 with a banana and cool water. How did he know my calves were burning and I was out of water? He gives up his Saturday to drive over an hour each way to hang around the park while I run.  (He is currently sidelined due to a case of runners knee.) He always coaches me to keep going,even when I want to stop but don’t really want to.

Thank you so much!!!

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