A week went by…

A week went by…
20 Sep

Hey squad,

Last Sunday was the best day. imageI ran with Laura a half marathon in Westerly, RI. We had a good day.  The best part was Pamela officially ran her first 5K. We all are rocking our medals!

This Sunday was not so fun. I ran 11 miles and I felt every step. My legs are filled with lead. I am going to make sure and hit every mile of my training plan this week and hope it gets better. image

Here’s a photo from today’s run, a nice hill.

I feel a case of the running blues coming on. I will be meeting in Real Life my favorite podcaster and other fans of the Running Lifestyle Show on Wednesday evening. It will be just what I need to bring back the joy in my running.

Cheerfully yours,


Run, sleep, work, run, sleep, run …

Run, sleep, work, run, sleep, run …
30 Aug

Hey Squad,








I have not had a chance to update you this week. I can sum it up in one word for you.


I ran more miles in one week than I ever had- 35 miles . I touched my target pace 10:41 and I felt great during my long run of 15 miles. Next week, more of the same.
The NYRR class on Tuesday proves to be so worth it week after week. On Wednesday, I will join a running group to prep for the FEED 10K in September. Any opportunity for a group run always pushes me farther and makes me a better runner.
Anyone else running it?

Cheerfully yours,


Back to Bloggin’

29 Jul

Hello World,

I am back to blogging after a very long break. I let my “day job” suck the life out of the blog. I am going to work harder to make time for everything I like doing.
Here is what I have been up to:
Sept 2014- sidelined by achilles tendonitis and had to defer my NYC marathon
May 2015- successfully rehab’d from the tendonitis and ran the Brooklyn Half marathon
June 2015- started training for the NYC marathon and physical therapy to keep the ankle in shape
July 28, 2015- received an email about Fitbloggin 2016 in Indianapolis IN and that inspired me to revive the blog.
July 29, 2015- reset my password and here is where we are at.

Stay tuned for my training updates.

I just signed up for an actual running class with NYRR in Central Park once a week!

So those updates will be fun to read for sure.



Girls that match run faster!
Girls that match run faster!

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