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29 Jul

Hello World,

I am back to blogging after a very long break. I let my “day job” suck the life out of the blog. I am going to work harder to make time for everything I like doing.
Here is what I have been up to:
Sept 2014- sidelined by achilles tendonitis and had to defer my NYC marathon
May 2015- successfully rehab’d from the tendonitis and ran the Brooklyn Half marathon
June 2015- started training for the NYC marathon and physical therapy to keep the ankle in shape
July 28, 2015- received an email about Fitbloggin 2016 in Indianapolis IN and that inspired me to revive the blog.
July 29, 2015- reset my password and here is where we are at.

Stay tuned for my training updates.

I just signed up for an actual running class with NYRR in Central Park once a week!

So those updates will be fun to read for sure.



Girls that match run faster!
Girls that match run faster!

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