Balance is everything

14 Sep

As we get so focused on our physical training and our next goal, its a good idea to check in on our balance.

Staying upright is a challenge. Gravity is working against us and don’t get me started on the force from the coach that prevents you from standing up while binge watching.

You can easily practice some balance exercises in your daily routine and not make it another thing to do.

Here are a few suggestions. Start with one or two reps and as you gain confidence increase them.

  1. Brush your teeth standing on one foot. Switch feet after one minute. BTW- two minutes is the recommended time you should spend brushing your teeth
  2. While waiting for the microwave to cook your oatmeal ( or popcorn LOL) try tree pose.
    1. Start with your foot on your ankle
    2. When ready move to foot on inside of your knee ( not on top- protect those knees)
    3. After mastering this move your foot up to the inside of your thigh
    4. Now you can start to add arm movements. F
    5. First arms at your side
    6. Next arms at your waist
    7. Lastly arms overhead

Repeat on the other leg. Its ok if your trees wobble – just flow with it.

Keep at it and you if we ever go back to wearing high heels, we will be ready to hit the runway!

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