Run Rest Repeat

Run Rest Repeat
02 Aug

Hey squad,

Run Rest Repeat.  That will be the schedule for this week.  I ran 5 miles today, I have 3 on the schedule for tomorrow, speed class on Tuesday night, Wednesday will be cross training and thankfully  Thursday  is a full rest day before we start all over again. Go team GO!!!

I have to obey to my training plan and stick to it.  There is always a summer Friday if I need it at the end of the week. 🙂

Today on my run, I listened to music again and it was ok. I really have to get a playlist together.  I am just shuffling all the free tunes I have been downloading from Starbucks, so the play list is not too inspiring.  I do like Fight Song by Rachel Platten.

If you have a playlist that you like, let me know.

Also, I noticed my iphone battery was DOA after my two hour run on Saturday.  I have always used my iphone to listen to music or podcasts while I run.  Is that what everyone does, or should I get a shuffle just for running?

Thanks for all your help interweb!

Cheerfully yours,


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