Starting to turn left instead of right

Starting to turn left instead of right
17 Aug







This week I started making a few left turns instead of right turns in my day and I ended up liking the things I have found. Sometimes times this has been literal, like on my walks to and from Grand Central and sometimes in the way I approach a problem. I am trying to look at things from a different angle and get a new perspective on things.
I feel this is the benefit of expanding my yoga practice and more confident in breaking those usual routines. When I began my wellness journey it gave me the CONTROL I needed to get my health back in order and now that I am BLESSED to have my health I can TRUST that all is well and EXPLORE life confidentially.
So, sometimes I turn left instead of right.
Also- The blog is one year old this month- now launched in Aug 2012.
Here is a quick update
30 minutes of exercise daily is one of my biggest messages.
I am no longer vegan! I started eating meat again in June. I eat about 12 ozs a week. I follow a whole foods diet. no processed foods.
I am still dairy free and have been gluten free for 16 days ( not that I am counting)
Currently, I am training for the Marine Corp 10K that I will be running on Oct. 27. Hoping for a Fall Half Marathon but my IT band injury for Spring doesnt like when I run more than 25 miles a week, so I am keeping the distances to 5Ks and 10Ks for the Fall this year.

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