Golf- it was bound to happen

18 Aug

In an effort to always keep trying new forms of fitness, Chuck and I went to the Golf driving range today.  It was a great experience and we had such a great time.  The best part is that we tried this three years ago and did not have such a great time.  I remember getting dizzy every time I put the ball on the tee and stood up and my arms felt so heavy that I did not make it thru my half of the bucket of balls.

Today was great, we both hit a bucket and then shared another.  If hadn’t started raining and it was way past lunch, we may have stayed longer.  Next up will be golf lessons in September.  I would love to be good enough to take part in charity tournaments next year.   Here are a few pictures from today.  I did take a picture of Chuck that day three years ago, you can see how much he has changed.  What a great improvement in his health and well being all around. Coming soon to his golf game soon!

Chuck 8/1/2013
Chuck 8/1/2013
Chuck 8/17/2013

I am not sure what kind of golfer I will become, but if it adds to the list of 30 minutes of exercise that anyone can enjoy, I am a full supporter of it after today. There is a lot of good tension release and immediate gratification you can get from whacking the heck out of a golf ball and watching it sail 150 yards away.


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