Checklist to get started

27 Feb

Its here! SXS Guide for SuccessDownload

This is a quick overview of the five steps I started with when I began my wellness journey. 

The one thing I did not have was an accountability buddy. Thats why I am launching this program to build a community of like minded women to uplift each other as we move, learn and grow into our best selves.

Over 50 is just the second act there is so much more to come!

Look for an 8 week group training group and an accountability partner program to start soon.

If you or someone you know could benefit from joining in, please send them my info and sign up for more updates!

Cheerfully yours,

Coach Phyllis

The Biggest Loser Run/Walk Race series

The Biggest Loser Run/Walk Race series
22 Jan

Everything I need in life I learned from cheerleading!

Count to 8

Listen to your coach

There is no I in team



Its important to look nice and represent yourself and your brand well.

There are consequences for bad behavior- you are benched

There are rewards for excellent performance

Leadership is not something for everyone.

Its ok to be a team member, there is value in everyone

When the team wins, we all win

Now I have a new team to be on and cheer for !

I am very happy to be working with The Biggest Loser in promoting their RUN/WALK series around the country.  I am a huge fan of the show and when the opportunity came to work with them I jumped at it.  I will be partciapating in the  half marathon in Erie PA on 8/17 .  This is their largest race yet and it will be great. There is a 5 K, 10K and a half marathon.  It will be an amazing weekend.

It is my hope that I can cheerlead as many people as possible to a successful race day. It is going to be great.






There are races happening all over the country so if you aren’t close to Erie, heck, I am a days drive away myself!  Pick a race near you or inspire someone to get started.  There could not be a more accepting place to have your first race.


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Pam’s 5K -30 birthday celebration of fitness WINNERS

06 Jan

Thank you so much to everyone that was part of this great day!

Here is the list of our winners!

Laura S- Vega One prize pack

Mary G- Larabar prize pack

Laura Y- Sports Authority Gift Card

Renee B- Sparkly Soul Headband

Vickie Chiodo- Maung- Sparkly Soul Headband and a special thank bag of trail mix for her husband who followed her in the car as she finished her run in the ran and the dark.

Jennifer C West- Sparkly Soul Headband

Jill Fickling Conyers- Sparkly Soul Headband

Jodi Tivey- Sparkly Soul Headband

This was my first virtual race and my first fundraiser and my first time sharing my family online.

Huge thank you to Amanda for featuring this as part of the HBBC2012.






Staying on track

Staying on track
04 Dec

Yesterday I received my thank you gift from Vitacost for hosting my first blog commercial.

I received a great batch of desk goodies that will really help keep me away from anything naughty around the office over the next few days.

I received a Vega French Vanilla Shake.  I am a HUGE fan of Vega One and all their products.  These are great to have to drink in the afternoon.

The teechia cereal mix really intrigues me.  Its got every good for you grain in it and some blueberries and dates too.  It looks delicious and a nice substitute for my gluten free oatmeal.

Who doesn’t love hand lotion especially in the winter and gum and  a cookie like snack?  Unfortunately it was cocoa so I can’t eat it.  I gave it to a friend that I am working hard on convincing to go dairy free. She loved it.






This box brought me to the topic for this post – Staying on track. 

Luckily, I work in a very health conscious office.  We do have the occasional box of donut holes around.  Many people work in offices that are constantly stocked with bagels, donuts, and temptations of all kinds.

I found the best way to stay on track is to stay full. The easiest was is to stay HYDRATED.  Often when we think we are hungry we are really thirsty.  Drink at least 8 glasses of each day.

Much on the crunchy stuff.  Cut up apples, carrots sticks, celery sticks fill me up.  I am dipping them into almond butter or hummus for a really good snack 🙂

Drink protein shakes.  They fill you up and then you will be able to walk right past that cookie plate.

And my biggest tip- NEVER leave the house hungry.


your galfriday4hire



Pam’s 30th Birthday Challenge

27 Nov

30 days to train and run/walk in the Pamela Virtual 5 K  30th  Birthday celebration .


So in case you are wondering what the prizes will be for the 12/28/12 event here is what we have so far:

ProCompression Socks ( your choice) 4 sets of socks

Vega One gift box ( worth 35.00) 2 box sets

Larabar gift box ( worth 20.00)

Choice Organic Tea gift box ( 2 -4 box sets)

Sports Authority Gift card – 25.00 ( 2 gifts cards) gift card- 25.00 (2 gift cards)

SparklySouls headbands- 10headbands!

And thats just a start… I am working on getting more sponsors and even more prizes.  So to be eligible for the prize drawing you have to do one of the following, if you do more than one you will double your chances.

1. On 12/28/12- run 3.1 or do 30 minutes of any exercise – leave a comment on the blog of what you did or tweet it using hashtag #pams30

2. Donate to my team in training site to Team In Training

Prize drawing will happen on 1.1.13.


Thats it.  Its all about bringing health and fitness to a family celebration 🙂


In celebration of  my daughter’s upcoming  30th birthday and along  with Team in Training, I will be hosting a virtual 5 k or 30 minutes of exercise  on Dec. 28,2012.

Will Pam run? I don’t think so, Pam is not a runner,(YET)  but she is the best supporter any runner would ever want to have.

Here is a link to my fundraising page.

Team In Training

If you donate or leave a comment on the blog, I will send you a special training snack as a thank you.  Trail mix!  Peanuts, M&Ms and raisins, Pamela’s favorite snack food.

YES,  you can also substitute 30 minutes of exercise.  Just let me know what you come up with.  I would love to hear about it.

There will be PRIZES  because what would a birthday be without presents?  Watch for updates on that coming next week.



your galfriday4hire


I have to thank my Sweatpink Sisters for all their help with this. #sweatpink