TBT good bye #Healthy Living Summit

04 Sep

I was sad to read that the Healthy Living Summit folks have decided to shut down.  I knew something was up when they canceled the summit for this Fall, but I was hopeful it was just a scheduling thing.

I am very thankful to this group since they set me on the path to this blog and some of the best friendships I have ever had.  I never really believed in myself as an athlete or a voice in the health and wellness space until after that weekend in Boston 2012.

This picture is from that day.

Thank you so much for everything.




Sandy Hurricane update

01 Nov

The Hurricane came and delivered quite a whollup to the the NYC area.  Our apartment in Stamford was not affected, which was fortunate, since we were able to host our daughter Pam and grandsons Dylan and Jack for two nights.   Their home had lost power and the area was evacuated.  They live in town that lost 90% of their power.

Dylan is 4 and explained that he was staying with us because his house “ran out of batteries and did not work.”  Jack is 18 months old and is just happy to be anywhere Mom, Dad and his  brother are. Ed stayed behind at the house to take care of the two dogs, Jada and Winnie and set up a generator for the family.  Ed is that kind of guy.  When presented with a problem he works it thru to a solution, even in a Hurricane.

We kept the boys busy playing with dinosaurs, blocks, and coloring.  They were real troppers  and did great.  Halloween snuck up on us and luckily the apartment complex still had trick or treating, so Dylan, dressed as Steve and Jack  dressed as Blue ( both from Blues Clues) hit the fourth floor and the residents were excited to see them. The boys have gone home now and I miss them like crazy.

I am really lucky to have had these two days to have the boys and Pam. My office was out of power as well so I could be home both days!

I know that others have lost so much thru out this event and my heart goes out to them.  I  want to tell you about one such person  that I met a  at the Healthy Living Summit in August  Jen @momsgottarun http://momsgottarun.blogspot.com/.  She lost her home on Staten Island and she has two small children.  She was actively training to run the NYCM .

Anything you can donate would help out greatly (donations, etc- shoot me an email). There is a paypal account setup to send money is Pdmacer501@aol.com.

Want to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy? These three organizations are accepting donations:
1. http://www.redcross.org/charitable-donations
2. https://donate.salvationarmyusa.org/disaster
3. For the animals: https://secure.humanesociety.org/site/Donation2?idb&df_id=11020&11020.donation=form1&autologin=yes&s_src=webdn_art10291

Special shout out to Laura@joyfulshimmy.com for the links above.  She is safe and sound in Jersey City.

Thank you so much,


your galfriday4hire

It takes a twitter village to get to a half marathon

It takes a twitter village to get to a half marathon
03 Oct

Hello Everyone,

This post is dedicated to all my very dear friends that I follow on twitter.  I call you all my friends even if we have not met, because  without your posts and information I would never have gotten to where I am today.

Amanda- Runtothefinish.com- you are one stop shopping for how to learn to run. You encouraged me without even knowing me.  Your tweets sounded like they were talking to me!  I am your # 1` fan.  I will be cheering you on at the NYC Marathon! Florida is a looking good!

Jess- Runwithjess.com- you have the whole practice of physical fitness down to an art.  I am reading all the books on your library recommendations and getting so inspired. ” could I do a tri one day?” SURE! for now  I  am down for the Cupcake classic Oct 14.

Theodora- LosingWeightIntheCity- what an inspiration.  She has a great story and she works in NYC and gets in incredible runs.  Talk about letting me know I have no excuses not to run.  I saw her name on a twitter feed recently at a PT clinic and went there just because she does!  Does that make me a stalker?  Well I did let her know, so maybe a stalker-light.

Laura-joyfulshimmy.com- I did not follow Laura until after we met at the Healthy Living Summit but once I did she opened my eyes to fitness and WELLNESS is more that just exercise.  She will show you thru her journey that life is always giving us opportunity for reflection and re booting. Life is flexible and forgiving. I just love her.

Renee- Bendifiblog.com-   Another bestie from HLS 12 .She is the modern day wonder woman.  Fulltime mom and career woman with an amazing blog.  I asked her to be my personal shopper.  I think she thought I was kidding but just in case Renee.. here is my VISA number 5413- wait.. ok. email me.

Jen and Nuyce- you both scare me a little because you are so bad ass in a really good way.  I follow them both on twitter. @ momsgottarun and @irunnyc77  Watch out for us at lunch in the Flatiron district and at a blogger conference in 2013.

This is just a representative few and there are so many others that just by posting their updates helped me.  I just hope that there is someone out there that I will be able to inspire. Follow me on twitter and follow my followers, you will be amazed at what you will learn.

Then you have to get out there and do it 🙂

Next week I will be posting the Year in Review. It will be a doozy.


your galfriday4hire


Healthy Living Summit- an idea takes flight

Healthy Living Summit- an idea takes flight
25 Aug

As a new adopter of a healthy fitness lifestyle, I have been such an avid reader of health blogs for advice. So many of you out there have helped me along the way to where I am now.

I wanted to attend to see if my story stacked up.  I know, it sounds kind of  silly, but I am not the typical age of all the health bloggers out there and I was not sure what reaction I would get.

I was well prepped by The Healthy Living Summit site -so I had my conference to do list.

Set up blog –done! On the Tuesday before the summit with the help of my very talented Technical genius husband, strongbystrand.com went live.

Business cards -done! Kinda cool. I went with a cheerleader theme inspired by my recent trip to Bring It On The Musical and my love of cheerleading. ( YES, IT IS A SPORT) I was a coach for my girls competition team in middle school.  Best time ever! I like to think of myself as a megaphone.  Getting the word out on healthly living and the joys of exercise.

Anxious -check! I made an anxious call to my very accomplished daughter who talked me off the ledge and told me to get over myself and have fun. Who raised her to be so self assured and cool?  Oh yeah. that was me.

I got my name tag and  swag bag and checked right into the greatist session with Derek. It was amazing to hear his story and his enthusiam  for his business.   His statement that for his generation there isn’t a Health and Wellness spokesperson really hit home for me.  He is right.  The young ones really don’t have anyone to look up to. I had Jane Fonda, Richard Simmons when I was in my 20’s and 30’s. Not that I listened back then.

After Derek answered questions, we had a chance to network and meet each other in small groups.  This was my chance, so as we all introduced ourselves, I told them my vision for galfriday4hire.

It was met with such enthusiasm that here I am blogging away.

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH and that was just the beginning…


Your galfriday4hire

running galfriday4hire






Healthy Living Summit- the morning after

19 Aug

Two weeks ago I saw on tweeter that my fitness hero, Amanda Brooks @runtothefinish http://www.runtothefinish.com/ was speaking at the Healthy Living Summit in Boston this weekend.  I thought, ok, I have been following her and following  several  of her followers through the last year of my fitness and wellness journey maybe I should try and go.

I was go excited that registration was still open, a room was available at the hotel and my husband found a car show to go to the same weekend in Boston.  That was only the beginning of how many riches that have come my way since. There will be several blog posts on the information on blogging, health tips, brand products, exercise, Boston, but most importantly FRIENDS!

The bloggers I met were so wonderful!  There are people out there just like me that are talking to friends, family and co worker and yes even strangers with the same message- YES, You CAN.

You can- exercise , run, cook, cook healthier, do yoga, start mediation, drink green smoothies, go vegan, take better pictures, whatever it is you want to YOU CAN DO it.

I am so happy to have tapped into that network and will be a responsible member.

More later, I have a to list to fill out and work to do!


Your Galfriday4hire


I met Amanda and even got a pic with her.  Was too embarrassed to asked for a copy.  Maybe she will see this post.