03 Nov

I was thinking this morning about the first presidential election that I was eligible to vote in. I had to look it up because I did not remember it! I think that this election will be alot different for any first time voter.

The pandemic has changed everything. It has always been important to vote and have a say in your local representatives but looking back on the several times I have voted, i never felt this much of a focus on the election.

So on Tuesday this will be my strategy.

No Doomscrolling. 

Doomscrolling is endlessly reading bad news story after bad news story, and understandably can leave you feeling… bad.

I will set aside a block of time to look at the news once or twice a day and go directly to a source I can trust. It can be tempting to see other perspectives on the same story, but that can lead to more anxiety.


This is my go to for most everything anyway so why not?

Virtual conference

Virtual conference
26 Oct

This weekend I had a great time attending the Succeed AFS virtual conference. It was a free event and you could upgrade for a very reasonable 35.00 to have access to all the presentations for three months. The main focus was on how fitness studios have adapted in response to the pandemic. I am not a studio owner but I was able to get alot of insight on how people are looking to interface with the fitness industry providers.

Strongbystrand has been a mainly focused on the running community but will be expanding into strength and nutrition in the coming weeks. I would love to know what you would like to have more content about, just reach out via email or leave a comment below.