Why Staying Fit Should be a Main Focus in Your Life

29 Apr

Focus on YOU

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Exercise is a great way to boost your energy level and when you start exercising regularly you will notice a difference within just a few days. Increased energy leads to more physical stamina and this helps make your daily life more manageable. You will find that you are not as tired and that you feel better and happier for no apparent reason at all.

Being active also benefits your concentration levels and helps you to sleep better at night. If you find you don’t sleep solidly try walking for 20 minutes each night after dinner. You should find that you start sleeping more soundly fairly quickly.

Exercise also helps to reduce tension and relieves the stress in your life. If you feel as though you may be suffering from anxiety or depression starting an exercise routine can really help.

As we mentioned earlier exercise helps by helping you feel better within days. It also has another huge benefit and that is of impacting your health as you age. By making time to stay fit and healthy now you are reducing your chances of developing heart disease, Type II diabetes, obesity and some forms of cancer later on in life.

Leading a healthy lifestyle as you enter your senior years helps to minimize potential bone loss that could lead to osteoporosis and arthritic conditions. In addition you will find that you are more mobile and your joints aren’t as stiff and achy as older people who do not exercise.

Here are the top reasons for staying fit and healthy as you age:

  1. Helps you maintain a good weight
  2. Keeps your heart and lungs strong
  3. Helps to reduce stress
  4. Helps to prevent and fight heart disease
  5. Helps you sleep better at night

When we talk about exercise we don’t mean you have to train for a marathon. Small amounts of exercise are beneficial and this includes things like:

  • Taking a 20 minute walk after dinner
  • Taking the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Walking to the corner store
  • Parking your car further away from the mall entrance
  • Getting off the bus one stop early and walking home Some great exercises for beginners include:
  • Walking
  • Golfing
  • Biking
  • Swimming including taking aquafit classes
  • Dancing
  • Yoga

Like I always say, life is too short not to feel great!

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