With over 20 years of innovative marketing experience and over 10 years in the health and wellness industry, I am uniquely qualified to help you and your company negotiate this new world as we all focus on wellness. Its alot to change and its all for the better.

Feeling at the end of your battle rope? Tired of starting and stopping all those crazy food fads?
I have been there and I want to help you avoid the pitfalls I have found along the way.

To get you started here is the STRONGBYSTRAND Guide for Success

  • Currently in the mindset for change ( I can see it in the horizon!)
  • Have a goal in mind. ( virtual 5K, or Friday Zoom happy hours)
  • Willing to carve time out for YOU ( because you deserve it )
  • Willing to be my new best friend (thats the accountability part)

Knowledgeable Coach
There are hundreds of coaches out there on Instagram today. I strive to be a knowledge coach, to set myself apart and to provide you with the best training possible. I’ve read dozens of books, hundreds of peer-reviewed research articles. I study physiology, anatomy, sports psychology, communication, storytelling and other topics, because I believe the best coach is able to train the athlete (yes YOU) both physically and mentally and I encourage you to ask me questions – one of my goals is to expand your knowledge of wellness as well!

The Great Resignation

If you have a business or are trying to sell a product, getting people to work for you and to buy from you has changed. Both want to know what you stand for. If you aren’t sure how to tell that story, reach out to me and I can help. This will help you find enthusiastic staff and customers that become evangelists for your products.

Reach out to me for a free 30 minute consultation. [email protected]