It truly takes a village to help us accomplish our goals. One of the first lessons I learned when I started my health and wellness journey was if you are stuck and do not know what to do.. do something for someone else.

The business listed below were there for me and I hope they help you to.

When you need something to brighten your day.

  • A woman owned business based in Westchester NY. Lovely pieces of jewelry, practical ( you can work out and do dishes and go out for drinks in it. They have a close association with non profits so it feels good to look good and do good.
  • NextDoorGoddess. If you want to unlock your inner goddess, take her quiz and browse her lovely site. I have been amazed at her artwork turned jewelry and Vicky is the nicest person too. She is living in Texas but brings Greece to us all.
  • Elyse is a true entrepreneur. Her successful jewlery line ( hello HSN!) has been sold in Bloomingdales and yet its the perfect compliment for everything from the Chanel Love bracelet and the Pura Vida wraps. Her wristrocks are popping up everywhere. We bonded as she became a grandmother this year and as a grandmother of five, I know how special that is. Elyse has a partnership with SU2C (stand up to cancer)as well.
  • Farieandfour Farie and Four is an amazing mom owned business that was born when she was faced with the same questions everyday in her mom life. Her amazing menu board and clean/dirty tags for the dishwasher are stylish and functional. If it saves you one less question a day, its so worth the investment.
  • ShopSaraJoy Check out her site and her instagram for an instant boost of positivity and happiness. She is truly a happy person and it shows in her creative designs that are made into the sarongs and scarve prints that she sells. Just try not to smile when you slip one on.
  • Amanda Arbeter Do you have a wall that has been bothering you for the last year and all the prints at Homegoods or online are not working? Talk to Amanda. Amanda is an intutive artist that can take you hope and dreams for a space and solve it with a custom piece of art.
  • Myblindbag I know how popular subscription boxes are but My Blind Bag is truly different. Every month you get a lovely pink package with things that you never knew you wanted, but now can’t live without. Jill and Melissa find the coolest things at at a very reasonable price point, its a thank you from you to you that is well deserved.