Welcome to the team!

Let’s start with YOU!! In order to support you, it helps me to know more about YOU and what YOU want out of this.

  1. Tell me more about YOU (ex: I’m a mom, married 10yrs, I’m a fulltime RN, live in NYC, etc)
  2. What is your Fitness story ?? (Here is mine as an example ) I spent most of my adult life overweight and struggling with auto immune issues.  At fifty, I was faced with a medical crisis and chose clean eating and exercise as a way to fight it verses doing nothing and taking lots of medicines.  It worked and I am a much happier person.  I believe that you have to move everyday, eat foods that nourish your body, and SMILE!
  3. What are your fitness goals now?? And what is your plan to reach those goals?
  4. What about these fitness goals excites you and what reservations do you have about it? ( if any !)
  5. How many hours per day, or per week, do you plan to devote to building your fitness? ( you need to include meal prep as well) 
  6. What email address do you prefer I use and do you check that regularly?

Please email this back to me with the subject line of the email being “About Me” to my main email address phyllis@strongbystrand.com

 Thank you and I’m excited to get to meet you!!